The activity of protection must be regarded as an art in itself and being appreciated as an original adaptation of each encountered case.

Our integrated services refer to alternative activities who can be engaged separately or all in one and provide support to our operation specialists.
The applications scope and the solutions offered are tailored different for any particular Client. This services is meant to support you and helping us to rightfully assess  your demands in order to establish working procedures  specific to the cases you find yourselves in, in order to successfully meet the goals, set by your risk level.



We combine the expertise with award winning technology through our trustful partners to bring you a comprehensive suite of services, customise the right travel risk management.


Our surveillance partners are specialized to offer intelligence gathering for the prevention of crime that help our clients to be protected against criminal organisations intentions.


We offer through our trustful partners a quick and efficient response to alleged or suspected fraud, misconduct or other improprieties such as violations of laws or clients private life.


We offer now authorized solutions through our trustful partners for the Intelligence provisions of collection, analysis, and exploitation of information in support of our clients issues.


Our trustful partners offer now various communication services made under circumstances creating a reasonable expectation of privacy through devices such as smart phones and computers.


Our trustful partners offer now Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, bug-sweeping or electronic countermeasures intended to find and remove devices like covert or hidden listening devices.

From an outsider perspective, not so familiarly advised about what it means the activity of close protection domain, it is hard to describe all the things a CPO needs to perform in order to fulfil his contractual obligations. That’s because for the many of people, the perception about our job its given only by our presence and the times when something bad comes to harm the safety of the customers. Other way, all the prevention, planning or advance work its hard to be seen, as the public do not have access to that informations. Because of this, we’ve met lots of people saying we actually get money for nothing, still everything is on place and nothing happen most of the time. What we actually do to keep the Clients back safe, it is a hard work, based on attention to details, most of the time striving to prevent bad things to happen and have in our pocket all the necessary solutions to counter the ones who attend that. In order to reach this results, we use to assess every client risk level, counting for each one their particularly threats and vulnerabilities.
However, from the practical experience we reached along over 20 years of activity, we have met lots of situations when the success has been given by our flexibility to integrate and cooperate with other kind of services providers, requested by the clients. To define a few, we can mention here travel security providers, travel risk assessment, communications privacy, data protection, bug-sweeping, investigation services, intelligence gathering, surveillance and counter-surveillance services, cleaning etc.
We perfect understand the special needs of our clientele, so we perform a selection and improve by the time a partnership with the most proven professionals in this domains.

" Once we master the art of personal protection our customers will never doubt their safety anymore. "