In today’s Romania, these prices may vary quite a lot, the cost of hiring a specialist ranging between EUR 1,000 and EUR 5,000 / month, depending on the client and contract requirements. Unfortunately, the price of the contract is negotiated without discussing at the beginning all the details and additional logistical expenses needed to carry out such an activity.
There are also countless cases when the client is explained by specialists in risk assessment the need to hire a team for his/ her protection and in the end the client decides that one person can do the entire job!
Being at the discretion of the client, this decision spreads clients into the group which comply with the decision of the specialists and even pay for the services in advance and the group which hire a single person to deal with the workload of an entire team!
Unfortunately, in many instances of the second case, working on his own, one can only “witness” what is happening and cannot prevent or prepare the mission.
Contrary to the image presented by several action movies, in reality, bodyguards don’t carry weapons, as the laws are strict in this respect and also because their main mission is to avoid an attack and to remove the client safely and quickly from the conflict area.
In this profession it is preferable to spend less hours in the shooting range and to allow more time for first aid training and for practicing special driving techniques. If a Client gets hurt far away from a hospital first aid knowledge can be critical. And as many attacks occur against the car you are using to travel, the U turns manoeuvre, the techniques to remove another vehicle from the lane or other special driving techniques can make the difference between being caught into a trap or getting away safely from an ambush.
Many times, when the situation turns into a violent one, a pepper spray or a few martial arts techniques may be all you need to get out of trouble when you are in crowded space!

The most important quality a protection specialist must have is not related to training or physical qualities, but to his socializing and communication skills!

He must always earn the trust of the person he is protecting! In other words:
“When I tell you, the one that I am protection to turn left, whereas everyone else is telling you to turn right, I need you to trust me!”.

In order for this to happen, loudly and clearly, you, the person I protect, should be warned by me, in advance, so that you understand all the details of my work. And let me provide a few examples:

# When I am not right behind you, because the circumstances do not allow it, I shall be all the time “watching you” even if you rarely see me, at the end of your visual range!

# When you go in or off a car, you will see me perform the “choreography” we have discussed, you will exit only when I open the car door, from the back of the car, in order to allow me to be all the time behind you for protection and that I may never expose your vital body parts!

# When I drive, I will always stop at a certain distance from the car in front so that, if a dangerous circumstance arises, I can avoid in one move being stuck in traffic!

# Sometime later, at the hotel reception, I shall “blend in with the crowd” with a glass of wine in my hand (although I never drink alcohol when I work) in order not to stand out from the audience, I will always “be aware” of the people around you, standing or passing, in order to be able to reach you before anyone can hurt you!

# Whenever we go somewhere I will contact the driver in advance in order to warn him that we are existing, so that he can have his engine running when we reach the vehicle, which would allow us to move instantaneously or would allow us to alert him about what may happen around the main vehicle!

# I will act warmly and kindly to your wife or friend, when by chance she talks too loudly in public about your plans and I will warn you in case a “Bad guy” from the crowd pricks his ears to catch something, in order for you to be able to change your route or cancel your trip.

There are many things to be said on this topic, but I would do nothing than flood you with details if I did. However, the most important thing I want to convey to you is the safety, relaxation and deep peace that you will feel after we meet, and you have heard all the details of the services that you might benefit from as my “Principal”.
You will anyway feel much freer than before, experiencing an unknown state of calm, only because you know that I exist and that I have your back!

Therefore, it is difficult to decide when you want to put a price-tag on acquiring specialized protection services!