The world of Romanian private protection services information consumers is a small one…however it is a beautiful one, which offers satisfaction to those who believe in it and practice this profession out of passion, even if material reward is most of the time disappointing and the professional identity crises make us feel frustrated by the lack of appreciation considering the life full of restrictions, sacrifices and dangers we are constantly exposed to in order to do our job.

Even if the purposes of the protection nativity of a private operator are comparable to those of the people who work in the national security system, the working methods considering the requests of employers make the work of the first category much more difficult to perform, as technical support and access to training are much less available or need higher financial efforts for specialization.
In this respect, it is regrettable that we have many cases or individuals who have found recognition abroad and that we are not capable to benefit accordingly from their experience.
The gain that I see for the private operator, as opposed to that of the system operator is the fact that the private operator managed to move away from the obsolete mentality of those who believe that only if armed with a bunch of laws and regulations they can meet the complete and successful profile of a career in security. The explanation is found in the experience gained within the process a private operator is forced to pass through in order to overcome obstacles and to reach its goals. He must adapt on his own to the flexibility and diversity of the situations imposed by the client and to find quick solutions, by strategic thinking and fast and precise execution, as per the limitations of the laws in force.

In cases when the gestures and behaviour of the system operator bring him in the situation to overcome the limitations imposed by regulations in order to meet the needs of the dignitary that he protects, juggling with situations and actions which might be easily placed in an area or endangering his career, the private security operator finds himself in his operation environment. Having with his client a relationship based on transparency, awareness, confidence and communication, he has the freedom to take rapid measures and to instantly create working procedures adapted to his needs, without breaking any bureaucratic rules.

My purpose is to voluntarily share some information and concepts, acquired during my experience in over 30 years of seniority in private security, with the purpose to offer a platform for assistance, consultancy, guidance and training for those working in this domain and for Services to interested Clients. My gain is the opportunity of enriching and assessing my knowledge with the help of my colleagues in my line of business. My main objectives established for the FB CP professional group administrated „Close Protection Romania” are:

# improving the participating members’ capacity to offer security services, which would help them counteract and discourage criminal acts aimed against the people they are protecting and their getting use to teamwork, within protection systems.

# Increasing respect for human rights, along with self-respect, by sharing modern methods and effective concepts related to the protection of civil authority in the face of common law crime, organized crime and terrorism.

The activity of protection specialists must be regarded as an art in itself, not being considered a finished product consumed as it is, but being appreciated as an original adaptation of each encountered case.

Nothing of what it is said or taught about the basic rules of this profession is new and mentioned for the first time in courses or specialized articles, and there will be similarities with elements and names you can also find in many handbooks.

The applications scope and the solutions offered are different by personal example provided by each trainer. Considering the nature of its dangerousness and the risks the practitioners are exposed to, it is a profession preferably learned from the mistakes of others, rather than from your own mistakes.
The information provided here is meant to support you, helping to rightfully assess your working conditions and their adaptation in order to establish working procedures specific to the cases you find yourselves in, in order to successfully meet the goals, set by your employer.
Your gain is the discerning capacity that you will gain in the new situations you will face and will rarely be materialized in material appreciation, however it being really useful in seeing things more clearly, when events challenge your moral balance, your professional ethics or the courage in facing danger.